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Gustavus Edward Cockburn Hare

Supt G.E.C. Hare

There was a gentleman named Captain Thomas Hare, of Leigh in County Essex, who died in the year 1572. Thomas Hare had a son:

Samuel Hare (1548-1619), who had a son:

John Hare (Born 1592), who had a son:

Richard Hare (Born 1636), who had a son:

Francis Hare (1671-1740), who was Bishop of Chichester from 1731, and had a son:

Robert Hare (Born 1730), who was Canon of Winchester and succeeded his half-brother to the estates of Hurstmonceaux Castle in county Sussex, and who had a son:

Francis Hare (1753-1815), gentleman of Hurstmonceaux who by his second wife had a son:

Gustavus Edward Cockburn Hare, born 15/9/1811 died at Albany 21/4/1881. This Hare was educated at Winchester College and at the University of Bonn in Germany. It is believed he served as an officer in the Prussian army after graduation and reached the rank of Captain. Later he became a landed gentleman of Kircullen House in County Galway, but eventually found it necessary to seek a salaried government post.

He arrived in WA in 1867 and his position as Superintendent and chief of police was gazetted on 18 June of that year. He held the post for nearly 4 years, during which he acted in another couple of public positions and left Major R.H.Crampton to look after the Police Force in his absence. He seems to have been given the permanent position of Resident Magistrate at Albany on 24 April 1871. He died at Albany on 21 April 1881.

Two of G.E.C.Hare's sons were commissioned officers in the WA Police Force. Frederick Arthur Hare (1852-1932) was Commissioner from 1900 to 1912 and Reginald Hare (1853-1933) was an Inspector. Reginald soon resigned to become Resident Magistrate at Wyndham, then Secretary to the WA Agent General in London. He was awarded the CMG. Louisa, daughter of G.E.C.Hare, married George Braithwaite Phillips, who was Commissioner of Police from 1887 until he died in office in 1900.

It seems at least two close Hare relatives were commissioned police officers in other Australian colonies.

Peter Conole
WA Police Historian (Retired 2013)