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A German tourist named Josef Thomas Schwab went on a rampage of killing in the Northern Territory and Western Australia in May and June of 1987.

The naked bodies of two Western Australians, Marcus Bullen and his son, Lance Bullen, were found in shallow graves in the Victoria River area of the Northern Territory. The victims had been shot and their vehicle and clothing had been set alight.

Schwab then travelled across the border into Western Australia, and at the Pentecost River Crossing near Kununurra on June 14, he shot a further three persons, Terry Kent Bolt, Phillip Charles Walkemeyer and his fiancé Julie Anne Warren. He stripped them of their clothing and threw them into the river, which was inhabited by crocodiles. Driving their vehicle from the scene about one kilometre away Schwab set it on fire.

Police responded to these crimes by mounting an exhaustive search by road and air. He was located in a bush camp some 650 kilometres away from these last killings approximately 14 kilometres from Fitzroy Crossing.  He fired on police with a high calibre rifle. He refused to desist when called upon, and was shot dead.