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In 1930, two Bentley patrol cars were introduced to the W.A. Police Force. These cars were equipped with Morse code “wireless communication”. Three qualified wireless operators were inducted into the force to man these vehicles. . 

Bentley Patrol Cars, with wireless - 1930

This innovation was followed by a police patrol to the Rawlinson Ranges taking a radio set and an operator to communicate by morse-code with headquarters.

This patrol set out on August 1, 1931, from Laverton (600 miles from their Perth Headquarters) to travel a further 420 miles to inquire into the suspected murders of two men. Their plant consisted of a dray pulled by 5 camels, together with a further 7 camels carrying supplies, and three of the police officers mounted on horses.  The police officer guiding the dray was the radio operator. 

The patrol had to be abandoned after 12 weeks due to a drought and the death of some of the camels. Had it not been for the use of the radio on this occasion more serious consequences could have resulted